Choose your CPU:

ARMv7a (version id: /2xxxxx)

X86 (version id: /3xxxxx)

ARM64 (version id: /4xxxxx)

X86_64 (version id: /5xxxxx)

How to choose CPU type:

  1. Open installed version of Car Scanner
  2. Go to Settings – Information
  3. Check build number, it contains of 6 numbers, where the first number stands for CPU type, where 1 – ARM, 2 – ARMv7a, 3 – X86, 4 – ARM64, 5 – X86_64.

Actually most compatible version is ARM – it would be suitable for most of smartphones and tablets, but if you have newer device, better choose suitable CPU type (ARMv7a or ARM64 for modern devices).

Only if your device has Intel CPU – you should choose X86 or X86_64.